Hello and thank you for taking a look! Degen is a pretty cool app that helps distribute POAPs to your community. DEGEN was crafted with great care.


POAPs are cool. Distributing them can be a pain! DEGEN helps distribute POAPs easily on multiple platforms.
Our goals for DEGEN are:
  • provide a clean user experience across multiple platforms
  • maximize application uptime
  • use as little user data as possible
  • and distribute those sweet sweet POAPs!
We know that web3 communities live and interact all over - discord, twitter, twitch, and more. Soon we'll have web3 community platforms too! We want to meet the communities where they are and help them engage and retain their base.
We hope to create an application on Discord that works really well. An application that delivers POAPs freely to millions of users across various communities. POAPs are an incredible technology filled with beautiful art created by the community. We wish to share this with as many people as possible.

The Team


Discord: Slinkypotato#1092, ID: 159014522542096384
My name is Brian and I have been developing on DEGEN since inception. DEGEN has gone through a number of iterations and transformations and there is still much to do. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Public Donation Wallet

We will never ask you for your private keys or seed phrases!